Easy Ways to Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Chinese Herbs

Lower Cholesterol Naturally with Chinese Herbs

Naturally Lower Cholesterol with Alternative Medicine
High cholesterol can be treated by a variety of western medical approaches, such as statin drugs, but there are often serious unwanted side effects and unclear benefits. Traditional Chinese Medicine offers a safe, natural alternative that can be used in conjunction with regular checkups to manage your cholesterol levels.

Chinese herbs can help you lower cholesterol naturally without the use of pharmaceuticals. If you are already on cholesterol-lowering drugs, you have the option to address the root causes of your high cholesterol naturally. This may lead to being able to reduce or eliminate taking cholesterol-lowering drugs if you work with your doctor while being treated by us.

In Chinese medicine, I like to class high cholesterol in the following 3 stages, each stage presents slightly differently and we use slightly different herbs to address high cholesterol depending on your case.

Three Stages of High Cholesterol

Mildy High Cholesterol: Stage 1 is Dampness
Your cholesterol is starting to creep up, and you may have slight to moderate weight gain. You are concerned, but not enough to change your diet or start taking drugs for it. In Chinese Medicine, we consider this stage an excess of dampness.

​Moderately High Cholesterol – Stage 2 is Phlegm

Your cholesterol is definitely too high, and you have gained a lot of weight or already are carrying a significant weight gain. Your doctor wants you on statins and you either are taking them or are considering it. In Chinese Medicine, at this stage, the excess dampness has thickened and turned into “phlegm”.

Severely High Cholesterol – Stage 3 is Blood Stasis
You have high cholesterol and are probably taking a statin or other drug to control it, but you have not changed anything to address the root cause, you are just treating the symptoms. When excessive amounts of cholesterol are present in the body, they may deposit on the inside lining of arteries, leading to a number of coronary heart disorders and/or fatty liver, or other cardiovascular diseases. This is what we call “blood stasis” in Chinese Medicine.

Chinese Herbs to Lower Cholesterol

There are several Chinese herbs that can help lower cholesterol naturally. There is a science to back up the efficacy of Chinese herbs in treating high cholesterol. You can check out the abstract on one research study of the herbs listed below here.

Shan Zha
Shan zha (hawthorn fruit), treats high cholesterol as well as hypertension (high blood pressure), coronary artery disorders, and angina. It improves blood circulation and promotes the digestion of red meat and greasy, fatty foods.

Jue Ming Zi
Jue ming zi (cassia seed), reduces high cholesterol and atherosclerosis. It has a diuretic effect and lowers blood pressure. Studies show that 98 percent of subjects with high cholesterol were within the normal range after six weeks of treatment with jue ming zi.

Ze Xie
Ze xie (Oriental water plantain rhizome) is good for dampness and phlegm because it has a diuretic effect, regulating water circulation and reducing edema. It helps you to lower cholesterol, reduces arteriosclerosis and treats fatty liver. Ze xie may also help lower blood pressure and reduce dizziness and vertigo.

Dan Shen
Dan Shen (salvia m) removes blood stasis and promotes blood circulation, as well as relieving pain and restlessness. Dan Shen is widely used to treat patients with coronary artery disease in China.

In conclusion, Chinese herbs offer an excellent, natural way to lower cholesterol levels. Not only are these remedies effective but they are also quite economical and easy to obtain. As with any health treatment, however, it is important to speak with your physician before beginning a course of Chinese herbs or other natural remedies. With proper monitoring and guidance from a medical professional, you can lower your cholesterol levels naturally and safely with Chinese herbs.

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