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Acupuncture for women

The body of a woman is a system that’s beautifully complex. The intricate reproductive system of a healthy woman is not a source of discomfort but When there is an imbalance, the female reproductive system can be worrisome. Dr. XiPing Zhou provides high quality treatment for all of the female stages of life.

A young teenager experiencing menstrual cramps or not having a cycle, the young woman who is trying to overcome infertility, women having experiencing troublesome cycles due to fibroids or PMS and menopausal woman experiencing hot flashes, moodiness and dryness can all benefit from the natural balancing treatment of acupuncture.

Even Oprah Winfrey, received acupuncture on her show in February 2007. Athletes and celebrities all over the world are using this natural, drug free, non-surgical holistic treatment to address pain, chronic symptoms and reduce stress.

Dr. XiPing Zhou treats women of all ages for a variety of ailments, chronic conditions and reproductive system related situations.

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