The Importance of the Kidneys and the Lymphatic System in Cleansing & Detox

This article aims to inform you why optimizing kidney function and lymphatic movement are so important for health, detoxification, cleansing, healing, and regeneration. At my clinic in Novato, I often help people with degenerative, chronic, and inflammatory conditions with a detoxification program that includes diet changes, possibly fasting or juicing and an herbal regimen. I almost always include herbal formulas for the kidneys and lymph, here’s why.

When we think of detox, we often think of the intestines and the liver. These organs do need help from time to time and are also an integral part of a cleansing process. The kidneys are also eliminative organs in the body, and when they are not working well, then you’re not properly eliminating chemical waste and excess water from the body. They regulate pH, acid/alkaline balance and when they get “back up” they stop filtering your lymphatic fluid.

The lymphatic system removes cellular wastes and serves your body as a kind of police force or septic system – eliminating the bad guys (pathogens). This system, like a septic system, can get backed up, causing congestion which is often not noticed or identified. Cellular detoxification means ridding these cellular wastes by optimizing the lymphatic system. This is not only an integral part of true cleansing, it is the key transformation component that is often missed.