Does “Stretching” Really Work?


When many think of muscle tissue, they envision masses of clay that can be forced into a certain shape by “stretching.” The truth is that the nervous system is in charge. It “runs the show”. When we are under the influence of general anesthesia, we have an astonishing range of motion. This is because nervous […]

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Seasonal Allergies

In Chinese Medicine we take into account the root and the branch of disharmony. In the case of seasonal allergies, its imperative to treat the symptoms as well as the causal pattern(s). Immune system imbalances are often at the root of seasonal allergies, affecting the whole and more specifically the lung, large intestine, spleen and […]

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A Different Approach to Elbow and Forearm Pain

Elbow and Forearm Pain

There is much more to elbow pain than meets the eye, but it is very treatable. Unfortunately, mis-diagnosis and improper self-treatment is very common. Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Pellentesque diam sem, hendrerit ut faucibus sit amet, bibendum vel lacus. Nunc molestie magna sed sapien ornare tempus. Curabitur venenatis ipsum nec ligula […]

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